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In the implementation system the main institution which supervises the realisation of the Programme and which manages the Programme is the Managing Authority which role is performed by the Managing Department for Competitiveness and Innovation Programmes in the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development.

A big part of the tasks – for the effective implementation of the Programme – was given by way of delegation of authorities to Intermediate Bodies. The three following institutions are Intermediate Bodies for the Programme:

     a) National Centre for Research and Development (for priority axis 1. and 2.).
     b) Minister in charge of development (for priority axis 3, 4, 5 and 6). At present the function is
         performed by the Department of Implementing Operational Programmes,

     c) Minister in charge of digitization (for priority axis 7 and 8). At present the function is performed by
         the Department of Structural Funds in the Ministry of Digitization.

The institutions subject to Intermediate Bodies are Implementing Authorities (the Second level Intermediate Bodies) in the total number of the following six institutions:

  • National Information Processing Institiute,
  • Polish Agency for Enterprise Development,
  • Implementing Authority for European Programmes,
  • Polish Tourism Organisation,
  • Bank of National Economy and
  • Competitiveness and Innovation Department in the Ministry of Development.

Complete contact data for the above mentioned institutions is available in the Institutions in the Programme section,  detailed description of the tasks, on the other hand, is available in the Competences of the Institutions section

The detailed description of the Programme implementation system is in Chapter 6 of the basic document, i.e. Operational Programme Innovative Economy 2007-2013 see in Programme Documents section.




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