Beneficiaries of the Programme


The support granted under the Programme Innovative Economy is intended to co-finance innovative projects implemented by four groups of beneficiaries:

  1. entrepreneurs
  2. scientific and research entities
  3. business support institutions providing innovative service and their networks
  4. public administration within the scope of e-services provided to citizens, particularly to entrepreneurs

Beneficiaries of the Priority Axis 1. Research and development of modern technologies

  • scientific entities
  • scientific networks and scientific and industrial consortia including Centres of Excellence (CE), Centres of Advanced Technologies (CATs) and entities involved in the EIT+ programme
  • organisational units that deal with R&D works management and organisation
  • Polish technology platforms
  • entrepreneurs (in particular SME)
  • scientists (in particular young ones) and scientific teams
  • students
  • entities that carry out foresight projects, among others scientific entities, public administration entities
  • entities acting for the benefit of science – entities engaged in continuous efforts related to development, promotion and practical application of science and supporting an increase of innovativeness of the economy, other than scientific research or development works (i.a. Foundation for Polish Science)

Centre for Research and Development (NCBR), the minister in charge of science

Beneficiaries of the Priority Axis 2 - R&D infrastructure

  • scientific entities
  • scientific and research networks and academic and industrial consortia, including the Centres of Advanced Technology and Excellence Centres
  • tertiary education institutions
  • organisational entities dealing with R&D works and organisation of such works
  • leading units of metropolitan area networks (MAN)
  • High Performance Computing Centres
  • entities engaged in EIT+ programme

Beneficiaries of the Priority Axis 3 – Capital for innovation

  • SMEs
  • National Capital Fund and capital funds
  • business support institutions providing the support for establishing new innovative firms, including e.g. centres of the transfer of technologies and innovations, technology accelerators, incubators, scientific and technological parks, organisations for potential investors (e.g. business angels)
  • organisations of entrepreneurs and employers

Beneficiaries of the Priority Axis 4 – Investments in innovative undertakings

  • entrepreneurs

Beneficiaries of the Priority Axis 5 – Diffusion of innovation

  • groups of entrepreneurs, including: clusters, SME and large enterprises production chains, technological networks (SME and scientific entities) represented by entities holding a legal title to act on their behalf; technology platforms
  • networks of business support institutions of a nationwide range, supra-regional networks of business support institutions
  • specialised innovation centres (entities managing science and technology parks, technology incubators, advanced technology centres, productivity centres, centres of specialised services for entrepreneurs)
  • entrepreneurs

Beneficiaries of the Priority Axis 6 - Polish economy on the international market

  • business support institutions of supra-regional and international importance dealing with economic and tourist promotion of Poland
  • business support institutions from the tourist sector
  • public institutions, including state legal persons
  • local government entities
  • entrepreneurs

Beneficiaries of the Priority Axis 7 – Information society – establishment of electronic administration

  • government administration entities and entities responsible to them
  • institutions maintaining state records and registers (on the basis of legal acts)

Beneficiaries of the Priority Axis 8 – Information society – increasing innovation of the economy

  • micro, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, including micro and small entrepreneurs running business operations not longer than 1 year
  • entities of local self-governments, consortia of entities of local self-governments, consortia of entities of local self-governments with non-governmental organizations – for conducting projects aiming at providing the access to the broadband Internet for citizens who are particularly threatened by a digital exclusion

Beneficiaries of the Priority Axis 9 – Technical assistance

  • institutions directly involved in the OP IE management and implementation