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Types of projects – competitive and individual projects


Pursuant to Article 28 (1) of the amended Act of 6 December 2006 on the Principles of the Development Policy Making, the support under the Programme Innovative Economy, 2007-2013 may be granted for the following projects:

  1. competitive
  2. systemic
  3. individual

Competitive projects

The projects are selected as a result of an open or closed project contest announced and conducted by particular Implementing Authorities (2nd level Intermediate Bodies) which is responsible for implementation of a given measure. Selection of these projects is performed with respect for the principle of disclosure and access to information according to the criteria of project selection adopted by the Programme Monitoring Committee (the document is available in the section Programming Documentation).

The process of project selection consists of the following stages:

  1. call for proposal,
  2. submission of projects,
  3. formal evaluation and content-related evaluation of applications,
  4. publication of the contest results,
  5. review procedures (if needed),
  6. signing contracts on financing projects,
  7. registration of documents in the information system, according to separate provisions in areas  concerned (the first registration after the formal evaluation of the application for support).

Detailed rules of project submission for the competitive mode are included in the Programme Complement.

System projects

These projects concern co-financing of implementation of public tasks specified in separate provisions.

Under the Programme, system projects are implemented by:

  1. Intermediate Bodies (IB): Ministry of Science and Higher Education for Measure 1.1.3 System projects, Ministry of Economy for Sub-measure 6.2.1 Support for investor and exporters support
    centres network and Measure 6.5 Development of support system for the Polish economy in the
    international market;

  2. Implementing Authorities (IB II), which are:
    – Polish Agency for Enterprise Development for measures: 5.2 Support for business support institutions providing pro-innovative services and their supra-regional networks and 8.1 Support for business activity as regards electronic economy,
    – Polish Tourism Organisation in Measure 6.3 Promotion of Poland’s tourism assets,
    – Implementing Authority for European Programmes under the Priority Axis 7 Information society – establishment of electronic administration.

  3. Institutions indicated in the Programme Complement, which is the Centre for Research and Development (NCBR) for Measure 1.1.3 System Projects.

In the event of implementation of system projects, all institutions indicated above, function as beneficiaries.

Individual projects

Individual projects are investments of strategic significance for the Programme implementation, indicated by the Managing Authority, after the recommendation of the competent Intermediate Body, according to strategic criteria approved by the Programme Monitoring Committee.

Individual projects are undertakings whose implementation is important and justified concerning the implementation of the strategy of a given sector or area and which contribute to a large extent to achieving objectives of a priority axis a given projects is implemented under.

Placing the project on the list is only a conditional declaration of its financing and is connected with guarantying funds for its implementation within the project budget. These projects will not be subject to content procedure and will not apply for the funds under the content procedure. The project implementation will depend on fulfilling the selection criteria approved by the Programme Monitoring Committee, requirements concerning documentation and implementation readiness as well as acceptance of the application for support with annexes required by the MA.

The detailed principles of submission and implementation of individual projects are defined by provisions of the Minister of Regional Development within the scope of single monitoring system of individual projects pursuant to Article 28 (1)(4) of the Act of 6 December 2006 on the Principles of the Development Policy Making.

The list of individual projects is subject to social consultations and is finally approved by the MA.

Download the update versions of documents:

List of individual projects for the Operational Programme Innovative Economy, 2007-2013 (update -February 2012; only in Polish)  Plik w formacie PDF otwiera się w nowym oknie (192 KB)

List of individual projects for the Operational Programme Innovative Economy, 2007-2013 (update – February 2011) (410 KB)




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